Camp NaNo – July 2016


Tomorrow is July first. And it comes with a lot of meanings. For some, it means vacation; for others, it means sun and ice cream by the lake; for others yet, it means casual love affair of the summer. For me, this year, it means Camp NaNoWriMo (national novel writing month).

Yep, I’m going camping!

I didn’t join a cabin, though. Like the very introvert writer I am, I’ll ride in with my bike and my own tent. Hm… This is a tricky metaphor. Let’s just say I’ll isolate myself in the camp to avoid the pressure of competition by sharing a cabin with other writers.

So. Getting ready to go camping.

What would you need to go camping? I mean the essential things not to forget, like maybe a toothbrush, a small medical kit, several bottles of water, sunscreen, a map, and of course a hat. Let’s see… Favorite pen? Check. Medical kit? Coffee and tea will do; check. Water? Check. Sunscreen? Well, I have a screen; check. Map? A detailed plan of my novel; check. My hat never leaves me; check.

Setting the camp.

As this is my first NaNoWriMo experience, I won’t start a whole new project. Instead, I’ll work more intensively on my WIP for the month, hopefully taking the word-count up to twenty-five thousand, of which I’ll complete fifteen thousand during camp. I’m choosing this novel because I’m comfortable with it and therefore I don’t risk suddenly lacking inspiration and being completely blocked. I know the characters pretty well and have been exploring the setting for four chapters already.

Sleeping in a tent.

I do love the comfort of my bed, lazying around until eleven o’clock and writing only in the late afternoon. Well, I guess I’ll have to change my habits and get used to sleeping in a tent, bothered by the insects and the hard ground and the noisy campers around. I might not write every day, but I’ll certainly have to build a better writing routine.

Camp NaNo is waiting for me, and I’m ready for the challenge!


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