Writing, Writing, Writing

I have three quite different genres in which I write. Three different ways of researching, thinking, planning, and writing. And yet, pretty much the same inspiration for each.


I write poetry to express my feelings. I write about the way I see the world and how I feel about it. Human relations, psychological (in)stabilities, social discriminations, violence against nature, prejudice against nonhumans, but also love and hope. All of these impact me in a way that is sometimes too intense to be expressed in neat sentences. That’s when images, metaphors, and rhythm take over.


I write novels to express my desires. I write about the issues I see in the world and how they revolt me. Sexism, racism, homophobia, speciesism, violence and discrimination against any group of people (that we often like to call “minorities”). I want to shed light on these issues. I write about them in my quite simple style, and try to create diverse characters and integrate them to the so-called “norm.” And then I add a bit of humour, some tender moments, and a few sex scenes. Without these, the dark issues I write about would make my novels depressing, and I do believe there is a lot of good in this world which also deserves to be mentioned. Not all the themes I evoke here are explicitly addressed in my novels; they mostly appear indirectly through the relationships between my characters and their personal development.


I write essays to express my opinions. I write about some aspects of culture as they are portrayed in literature. I use literature studies to deconstruct society by pointing out its problems and striving to find solutions. The reason for choosing literature is that I think art is the main mode of expression of culture. When you want to know about a certain culture, you turn to books, movies, paintings, and by studying them you make them speak, denounce sometimes, the society which produced them.

My inspiration always comes from the world around me, from my feelings and my dreams. The text might take different forms, but the aim is always the same: a foolish attempt to talk about the world and make it a better place.



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