Better-Than-Sex Writing

Do you ever get that wow feeling when you’re reading a book? When you want everyone to leave you alone so that you can enjoy your reading. But have you ever wondered what makes you feel like that? Is it the characters, the plot, the setting? or all of those together? or none of those at all?

I recently read a book where all the elements seemed grotesque. The main character was horrible, his actions were absolutely disgusting, and the setting not particularly inviting. But the author had that little something in his style that made all the horrid elements come together in a perfect novel, a page-turner that I wasn’t able to put down until I’d reached the final word of it.

I’m sure all book lovers can relate to what I’m describing. The author might not be the same, but the fascination is.

But how about when that happens when writing? Am I a good writer, or just a very narcissistic one?

Some days are hard and words form awkwardly under my fingers. On other days, the good ones, I sometimes don’t even have to think about sentences. I visualize my scene and rest my hands on the keyboard. And then the magic happens: the keyboard clicks and ticks under my touch, the sentences appear, the pages blacken, the setting lightens, and the characters come alive.

That’s when it feels good. That’s when I think, “the world could fall apart, as long as I can write, nothing else matters.” That’s when I write the most vivid chapters, the ones that hurt and make you cry when you read them. That’s when my characters are alive and talk to me, when they decide on their own which road to follow. That’s when a story becomes a novel.

Well, maybe I am a bit narcissistic. But then again, if you don’t love what you do, you might just start doing something else.


5 Replies to “Better-Than-Sex Writing”

    1. Hi Carol! Glad to know I’m not the only one 😉 But why do people raise their eyebrows in suspicion when I say things like that? I’ve heard from a number of other writers how much work needs to be involved and how one must delete sleeping hours to make more editing hours. Me? I accept bad days and I sleep a lot because I know good days will come back.


      1. Well if that works for you. I take the good days as a bonus. I have a full time job so I do have to ‘delete’ sleeping hours if I want to finish my book so there are days where every word is a fight. Different people write differently. That’s just how things are.


      2. I have a full time job too, but I’m not in any hurry to finish novels. As I self-publish, I don’t have deadlines imposed by a contract. Perhaps one of the joys of self-publishing? 🙂 I guess if I had to force myself to write and that every word was a fight, it wouldn’t be fun anymore for me.


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