The Deadly Pen

It all started when little Donnie was offered a job he didn’t have the training to accomplish. He wasn’t fit for the position, but his reckless behavior had somehow seduced the majority of deciding voices. As soon as little Donnie accepted his new job, a wind of anxiety traveled through the world, as cold as a ghost’s whisper. People were worried about little Donnie’s real capacities. Was he really qualified for the job?

And, alas, the worries materialized when little Donnie, so happy to have new responsibilities, started exerting his true power. His lack of caring for most of other living beings showed in his every decision. And with the power to make decisions came that of changing laws. Signing a paper was so easy for little Donnie. With just a scratch of his pen, he could transfigure the face of the world. A simple signature could suddenly put in peril the lives of thousands.

Fear was soon deeply rooted in many a soul. But how could little Donnie be stopped from using his deadly pen? Protest marches and online resistance were alive and strong, and yet they had close to no impact on little Donnie and his fellow legal criminals. Hope was slowly being transported in a wheelbarrow to its final burial place. Wet eyes moved down and smiles were erased. If life had been a movie, a sad violin would have been the lead instrument of its musical score.

But patience was hope’s best friend, and it lived inside the hearts of a few rebels. They knew little Donnie could be taken down. They just needed more time to figure out how. Someone suggested to hire a sniper and just shoot him. Others proposed to kidnap him and drown him in the ocean along with his deadly pen. A few said it would be best to set fire to his house. Yet, no plan seemed feasible and safe for its initiators.

In the group of rebels was a brilliant scientist called little Barrie. Little Barrie liked to experiment with all sorts of gases and liquids which would change colors or explode when exposed to oxygen. One day, little Barrie came up with the idea of poisoning little Donnie. It sounded like a good plan, and yet the rebels were afraid to get caught delivering the fatal gas before attaining their goal.

A few months later, a beautiful new pen was brought to little Donnie. The gift was anonymous and unexpected. However, little Donnie fell instantly in love with it, and declared that he would sign every new paper using solely his golden pen. And thus, many more lethal laws were decided upon. One day, the pen wouldn’t write. Thinking it was out of ink, little Donnie unscrewed its tip to change the cartridge. But when the tip of the pen fell into his palm, little Donnie had an uncontrollable sneezing attack. After a few minutes, he lay dead on his desk, a few inches away from the deadly pen.

Copyright © 2017 Sandrine Spycher. All rights reserved.


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