With You


Let me see your smile today,

Let me see your eyes again,

Let me hear you say

you’ll stay

with me

despite my insanity.


The sweetness of your kiss

left me feeling in bliss;

better than the Spritz,

you’re the only one I miss.


The softness of your touch

made me tremble so much;

my feelings I need to hush

for big on you is my crush.


Listening to the rainstorm

in the deep of the night,

not sure if it’s inside, or out.


Listening to our heartbeats

in the deep of the night,

not sure which one is yours, which mine.


I’ll give you my heart

on a carton plate

along with pizza and chocolate.


I’ll give you my dreams

in a grand bouquet

along with lilies of May.


I’ll give you my hope

in a wild measure

along with love and pleasure.


I’ll give you my love

in a perfect ship

along with a voyage, a trip.


I’ll give you my mind

on a stormy night

along with a red candle light.


I’ll give you my soul,

each day of my life

I’ll be yours, whole.

Copyright © 2017 Sandrine Spycher. All rights reserved.


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