Creative Therapy 2: More Words

Creative Therapy 2
Cover design by Sandrine Spycher

“Depression hurts,
and makes me creative.
Creativity blossoms,
and makes me live.
Life rolls on,
and makes me hopeful.”

This collection of poetry traces a certain period in the life of a young woman, with a focus on emotions and feelings, as harsh as they can be.

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Pink Quartz

A world of possibilities,
An ocean of confusion–
A shaft through my heart,
Your shaft in my core:
My loving desire,
This burning intimacy,
Your close and tight presence–

Eternity in a kiss,
Already fading bliss–
A second of forever;
A second, then forever.


it hits you in the back,
makes you crumble and tears your heart;
it breaks you bit by bit,
flooding emotions all in one
and turning off every single light;
as sudden as lightning
but as dark as the new moon,
it strikes, unexpected and unwelcome,
right where there used to be love.

black pit under my feet
opened and I’m falling now, falling down,
feeling down.

Sit down–and breathe–to have a conversation with myself–and breathe–look at myself, look at me deep in the eye–and breathe–see my mind naked–and breathe–talk about deep desires and emotions–and breathe–breathe big breaths.


there’s no cure


oh how excruciating
is the waiting
for the sweet pain
marking my skin
in inked bloodstain
and artistic sin

oh what precious ecsatsy,
this tangency
of pain and bliss
piercing my flesh,
no scar amiss:
artistic refresh


flirtatious responses
to my
spontaneous advances

a growing connection
and my
protective wall falling

Copyright © 2017 Sandrine Spycher. All rights reserved.


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