For Dielza (1992-2004)



as when I think of you

who died

way too soon

while I survived–saudade


You were always the strongest

so stubborn

so confident,

you were always a leader

a winner



as when I wonder now

where you are

what you are

while I’m still here–saudade


Have you become an angel

or a ghost

or a spirit,

are you just a memory

of the past



is the love that remains

once you’re gone,

it’s the void

with you in it–saudade


I will never forget you

if I seem

like I do,

it’s that it hurts too much to

think of you



is the regrets I feel

that I didn’t

tell you sooner

how I loved you–saudade


Only death makes us aware

of all those

precious moments,

only death turns love into





Copyright © 2017 Sandrine Spycher. All rights reserved.


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