About Me


Who am I?

The name is Sandrine Spycher and you can pronounce it in whatever way sounds good in your mouth. I grew up in the Swiss Alps, that sublime landscape of Romanticism. I’ve been attracted to arts since forever, and it drew me to studying literature and culture, thus earning a Masters Degree in English. I have so far self-published a few books, and submitted some stories and non-fiction papers to MUSE Magazine.

Why art?

For me, art is a way to change the world. Art builds narratives which then influence the way people act in their lives. I believe that art and fiction make society as much as society makes art. They contribute to each other in an interaction rather than a straight influence from one to the other.

Why suspense novellas?

I like the suspense/thriller genre because it allows me to place my characters and stories in realistic settings and contemporary society. In doing this, I can make comments about the society in which I live, and hopefully change it a little by depicting diverse relationships and interactions between my characters. Because they live in my world, the characters express my fears, doubts, desires, and interests, and they portray the issues that I think need more focus and attention in my society.

Why poetry? What does “contemplative” mean?

Poetry’s particularity that sentences don’t need to be perfect grammatical constructions allows more space for abstract emotions. I write poetry when making characters speak is too restrictive. I’m contemplative because I write about what I see around me or in me. I usually don’t write my poems about a topic or a story, but about an emotion. Turning the emotion into poetry is a way for me to meditate on it.

Why visual arts?

I think there’s a limit to how abstract emotions can be expressed with words. I first let go of the constructed narrative line of prose to turn to themes in poetry and finally to shapes and colors. Drawings sometimes express feelings in a way that words fail to do. It’s like all those times when one thinks, “I cannot describe how I feel.” In those moments, I use drawings to supplement my words, or sometimes words to supplement my drawings.

about me